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Hi, I’m Jonathan Privat, an excitable freelance front-end and back-end Miami Web Developer. I live with an intense passion for web development, marketing and social media. On the better days, I wake up, hit the gym, grab a cold lemonade, and set up in my office, digging into a Shopify app, setting up a WordPress backend, or building an professional e-commerce site using Magento or BigCommerce. I also play nicely with Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords Optimization, Google Shopping Optimization Feed and find it absolutely essential to work with tools like Google Analytics, Photoshop, Google Webmaster Tools, MOZ and more.

miami web developer in the Huffington Post

As a Miami Web Developer and marketing analyst, I was featured in many publications. One of my favorite one is “The Connoisseurs of The Internet” written by the Huffington Post.

I should also mention that I’ve done my fair share of building custom WordPress sites, building 100+ WordPress websites from scratch. All of the sites I build are fully manageable by the Client; this means everything from images, text, and custom content types.

Outside of my passion for work, my life’s affinity comes in two forms: music and my family. You can listen to some of my music on any music app using my artistic name “Jony Privat”.

The Connoisseurs of The Internet

Such is the case of Miami-based and self-made influencer Jony Privat who has recently endorsed the famous but probably forgotten Old Spice brand by refreshing with his own image. Privat is also a digital application and website developer with multiple certifications as well as an EDM Producer (Electronic Dance Music) which gives him an extra edge over other Influencers since music is a great and powerful connector within Millennials, which represent a huge chunk of Privat’s legion of over half a million followers on Twitter.